The Journey of Hope Book

//The Journey of Hope Book

The Journey of Hope Book


In 1987 civil war broke out in southern Sudan.  I was  six years old and was forced to walk 1,500 miles with 35,000 other Lost Boys of Sudan in search of a safe place. We faced many hardships including lion attacks, starvation, dehydration, disease, dangerous river crossings and attacks by enemy soldiers.  I spent 14 years living in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya before finally being resettled in Nashville.  I relocated to Columbus, Ohio in 2006 where I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2009 with a degree in fine arts. I was awarded the Robert M. Duncan Alumni Citizenship Award in 2016 for my work in building a medical clinic in my village in South Sudan. Read how I overcame countless obstacles to survive and turn my tragedy into an incredible story of hope and inspiration to others.

“I dedicated this book to my family in South Sudan. I never lost hope that someday we would be reunited. Also to all the 16,000 Lost Boys who survived and journeyed with me during those difficult years including my cousin Jok”. 

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Teachers Resource for Literacy Instruction Guide Available:

  • This is a teacher’s resource for literacy instruction to use with The Journey of Hope by Bol B. Aweng. It will support teachers in helping their students in understanding the current discussions about refugees and exploring one of the Lost Boy’s experiences. There are suggestions for guided reading instruction, book club chats and writing activities.