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Bol Aweng

Who is Bol Aweng?

Bol fled his country of Southern Sudan in 1987, along with 35,000 other Lost Boys.  While in a refugee camp in Kenya, he developed his art skills on his own from his memory and imagination, using material available in the camp.  Many of his paintings tell the story of the Lost Boys, which he calls “The Journey of Hope”. “Painting the obstacles that we faced is very difficult, but I think of it as an opportunity to reflect on God’s provision to us during that time”.  He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2009, where he majored in Fine Art.  Bol returned to his home in Southern Sudan in 2007 and 2010.  He, along with Jok Dau, is currently raising funds to hire a nurse/midwife and lab technician and buy medical equipment and supplies for the health clinic that they built in their village of Piol.  Bol lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, daughter and 3 sons.

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Each piece tells a story and shows a memory of Bol's life in South Sudan. Enjoy the artwork of a talented artist who tells a story in his work.
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